Yes we can?

I’ve been lukewarm on Obama and left with a tinny taste in my mouth with Hillary, and my loyalty to Edwards has now been rendered moot. Who will my candidate be? I watched this (via) and feel moved, weepy, and generally inspired, but dare I get my hopes up? I don’t know. Can we really begin a new chapter in American history? Given the Democratic party’s talent for “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory,” dare I pin my hopes on this candidate?

Sigh. I just don’t know.

In other news, I got my car washed and semi-detailed on Saturday. It’s silly how ridiculously proud I am of having a clean car, and how upset I got when I saw the mud splashes on the side of the car the next day.

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  1. BetsyD

     /  February 5, 2008

    I was also an Edwards supporter, but it wasn’t hard to switch to Obama. I hope the Dems have learned their lesson and will actually fight, but we’ll see…

    Glenn Greenwald has a good article on this in Salon today.

  2. Sally

     /  February 5, 2008

    I LOVE having a clean car. So much so that I have no trouble justifying my monthly trip to Genie. I don’t get it detailed, though–just washed and vacuumed. Prolly I oughtta have it detailed once/year to get the gunk out of the cupholders.

  3. ben

     /  February 5, 2008

    i only watched 2 seconds of the video with the sound turned down…but how can anything with scarlet johanssen (sp?), a.k.a covert fire crotch, make you weepy, melanie?


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