Hells yeah!

Just had a total fucking EUREKA!!!! moment with my current diss chapter. What sucks is that I’ve got a meeting now and one at 2:30, so I’m going to lose some precious writing time. FUCK YEAH. Am genius.

Need SF tips!

Okay, I’ve booked the flight and the room. Now I’ve got about a month to gather as much information about SF and what I can do there in roughly 24 hours on a grad student’s budget. I’ll be giving a talk at a conference on Friday morning, but have a lot of time on Thursday afternoon/evening to explore.

I’ll be staying at 4th and Market, near Moscone Center. I will be reliant upon public transportation, preferably not taxis. HALP!!!


Dear girl in the coffeeshop this afternoon,

I’m so glad to know that your no-good cheating liar of a boyfriend, Matthew, got married to someone else while you were still dating. In fact, I’m sure everyone else here is thrilled to know your business.

It’s called an inside voice. Look into it.

ETA: 30 minutes later, she’s still at it. Loudly. Apparently, now he’s stalking her.

Stuff White People Like

I can’t decide if I like Stuff White People Like. I like some of the things that this person (Christian Lander) says that white people like, and it can sometimes be funny, but sometimes the tone of the blog feels hateful. I know it’s supposed to be sort of Onion-esque satire, but I dunno. Sometimes it feels more mean than funny. But, you know, it’s okay because Christian Lander is a white guy. A white guy who lives in L.A. and has a fairly narrow experience of “whiteness” (I suspect of the hipster-bourgie variety, Mt. Washington, perhaps?).

And, based on what I saw in his wife’s flickr set, I’d like to propose entry #69: Taking pictures of expensive (often “ethnic”) food. And #70: “Ethnic” food. Nothing like a little culinary tourism to underscore your whiteness!

Go, grandpa!

Overheard in the Whole Foods cafe while “working on my dissertation”:

Grandma, to adorable, squealy 3-month-old granddaughter: Look at those chubby cheeks! Are we going to have to get you on the treadmill?

Grandpa, to adorable, squealy 3-month-old granddaughter: You just tell that old lady to bug off!

There’s an opportunity in here to rant about the inappropriateness of imposing unrealistic standards of female beauty on infants, even in jest, but I’m too busy. Anyone care to do it for me?


I don’t really have time to be blogging, as I have a lot of other writing/reading to be doing, but here’s a list of things new and interesting:

1. I gave up all sweets (anything that could fall under the “dessert” taxonomy, from fortune cookies to bread pudding to vegan chocolate cake) and whaddya know? I lost 2.2 pounds this week. Next headline: the sky is blue! Dogs say woof! There’s no gravity in space!

2. Apparently, you’re not supposed to have that much caffeine even if you kinda-sorta want to get pregnant. Ummm … there’s no caffeine in a dirty chai is there? (Don’t answer that.) Also: holy crap, does my ob/gyn want me to take a lot of supplements! Also also, now that I’ve crossed that invisible line into 35-land, there is literally a biological clock. There is. My doc showed it to me. Shhhh. (Also also also: acupuncture? Preferable to Clomid if you don’t want to be pregnant with triplets on the second go-round.)

3. I get to have a baseline mammogram done! Damn. I thought mammograms were for old people.

4. If you tell your doc that you’ve been getting lightheaded/woozy a few times a month, she’ll dramatically label them “fainting spells” and order a CBC and complete metabolic panel. Sweet.

5. Now I remember. If my cervix “didn’t like the Pap” and I spotted a little afterwards, do I need to be worried about a recurrence of HPV (which I was diagnosed with 7 years ago, but have had normal Paps ever since)?

There I go again

…shooting my mouth off and alienating people. I got up on my high horse about my U’s daycare center on my gradmoms mailing list, bitching about the lunches that they serve there (come on, fish nuggets, king ranch casserole, and tater tots?) and that the menu was a deal-breaker (we were considering sending Harry there once he ages out of his current daycare situation).

Yeah, I might have gotten a little self-righteous. I think I might have said something along the lines of “I simply refuse to make my child a dumping ground for excess commodity crops (in the form of processed food) in the interest of [daycare center’s] bottom line.” It’s true, and I would say it again, because people need to know what’s at stake in participating in the school lunch subsidy system — it truly does have global implications — but apparently, I might have alienated my peers who send their kids to that daycare. Whoops.

But maybe people shouldn’t just roll over and capitulate to a system that doesn’t work on the ground, even though it makes people and institutions money. I don’t think that sacrificing our children’s health in the interest of profits is a good idea in any context, and maybe if people opt out of the school lunch subsidy system, it will eventually elicit change.

And maybe pigs will fly and unicorns will drop rainbow-colored, rose-smelling poop in my backyard.

on the fence

I can’t decide whether to renew my subscription to Bust. I don’t really feel like they’re practicing the kind of feminism I’m interested in these days, and I’m sick of the fawning celebuprofiles. In terms of content I find them lacking, and I find their politics pretty disturbing.

But I can’t find it in me to scrawl CANCEL across the bill. My friend C and I were bandying about the idea of not only cancelling our subscriptions, but also donating the cost of renewing to Bitch, which I heart forever.

I dunno. Thoughts?

Yes we can?

I’ve been lukewarm on Obama and left with a tinny taste in my mouth with Hillary, and my loyalty to Edwards has now been rendered moot. Who will my candidate be? I watched this (via) and feel moved, weepy, and generally inspired, but dare I get my hopes up? I don’t know. Can we really begin a new chapter in American history? Given the Democratic party’s talent for “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory,” dare I pin my hopes on this candidate?

Sigh. I just don’t know.

In other news, I got my car washed and semi-detailed on Saturday. It’s silly how ridiculously proud I am of having a clean car, and how upset I got when I saw the mud splashes on the side of the car the next day.