Six and a half weeks

So, things have calmed down a bit since last we spoke. You might have noticed that blogging has dropped way down on my list of priorities, but now that classes are over, I might find or make more time to write here. I think I need it. But between family life, wrapping up the semester, dissertation work, and attempting (perhaps wrongheadedly) to hand-make this year’s holiday gifts, I find myself letting things fall through the cracks.

Laurel is thriving nicely. There are no more worries about her lack of weight gain — in fact, she’s already outgrown her 0-3 month onesies and has really chunked up nicely. Of course, now I worry about her issues with gas (Harry wasn’t a gassy baby; this time around, we’re making fast friends with Mylicon), and the rash she seems to have developed over the past 12 hours or so (whether its viral or heat, there’s not much we can do about it apart from nursing lots and keeping her cool). She’s starting to coo a lot, and although I haven’t seen an actual smile yet, she does do this sort of suspicious half-smile. I crave the smile. I WANT the smile. I need the smile. It will confirm to me that she’s happy and thriving and that I’m not already ruining her life.

I think of things to talk about here all the time, but never write about them. I would do it now, but in front of my laptop is the book that’s going to save my dissertation (I hope), so I’d best get reading. I’m holding my final office hours of the semester right now (at a Starbucks that has a strictly enforced one-hour parking limit — wish I’d known that before I planned on being here for 3 hours), and I need to be efficient in my Getting Things Done.

My gums hurt from this morning’s cleaning. Damn this vow to be assiduous in my dental care!

Oh, and here’s a fresh pic, one that didn’t make the cut for our Xmas card (for obvious reasons). And have you moved this year? Do we have your updated address? If not, please send!

Brotherly love