Another blog

I’ve started another blog (in addition to this one). The new blog is intended for me to chronicle/process my rebooted weight-loss efforts, also semi-anonymously. I have made myself very vulnerable by posting my current weight on the site, so if you know me, please try to keep loving me despite the embarrassing truth.


musical beds, making milk

None of that is as interesting as it sounds.

Last night I slept in Harry’s bed — alone — and it was AWESOME. I’d had a late nap and a diet Coke with dinner and once I went to bed at a very respectable 11pm, I was either too keyed up (caffeine) or interrupted (Harry coming into our bed, Matt snoring, Laurel waking up to nurse) to get to sleep. So, at 1am, I took my body pillow and an extra bed pillow and sneaked into Harry’s bed, where I slept blissfully uninterrupted for four hours.

When Laurel woke up again a little after 5, Matt brought her to me, confused as to why I was in Harry’s bed. We then had to have a semi-difficult discussion about snoring. We’ll see how tonight goes. Back before I got sick, I was out cold by 10pm every night, and Matt’s snoring never bothered me. Now that I’m healthy and well-rested, it takes me longer to go to sleep, which is compounded by the human outboard motor with whom I share a bed. Sigh.

I’ve been really, really, REALLY hungry of late, especially today. Like, starving hungry every two hours. I have a theory that healing from surgery speeds up a body’s metabolism. Add that to the already taxing metabolic demands of breastfeeding, and you’ve got mama hitting the KFC drivethrough for a 99-cent snacker on the way home from dance class 90 minutes before dinner. And then eating dinner. And then wanting cake, but settling for a Skinny Cow and some trail mix. I suspect I’ll be hungry again when Laurel wakes tonight, however many times that happens.

The thing that stresses me out is that those two days in the hospital totally wiped out my frozen milk stash, which was nearly 100 ounces. Laurel had been reverse cycling at the sitter’s during the day, which led me to have quite a healthy backlog of milk (which I nearly donated and am SO GLAD I didn’t!). But now that backlog is gone and Laurel is no longer abstaining from the bottle during the day. So, I’m taking fenugreek, drinking mother’s milk tea, drinking lots of water, and taking in as many calories as I can force down my gob (preferably cake, of which I have none on hand and sadly, no cake has magically appeared on my front porch. sigh.). And then I get to power pump for the next several days to supercharge my milk supply.

Here I am, going back to teaching next week and already stressing out. Sigh. And it doesn’t help that I’m watching back-to-back episodes of Ace of Cakes.