So, how’ve you been?

Whoops. It’s been two and a half weeks, hasn’t it? I think I’ll stop googling “c-section incision infected” (it isn’t) and fill y’all in on life with two kids.


Wait, let’s back up. Laurel Jeannette was born Friday, October 24 at 1:01 pm. Isn’t she cute?


Okay, it’s not *that* bad, but it certainly hasn’t been a drama-free two-plus weeks. There was drama with my c-section (dr got pulled into a delivery just as my spinal block had been administered — you know things aren’t going to plan when the anesthesiologist goes “No! No! No!” and runs from the room), drama in the recovery room (I had some heart palpitations during the surgery, so I got a bonus EKG and CBC and discussions about cardiologists and internists!), drama with nursing (baby no latchy! pumping and bottle feeding and chapped nipples and multiple visits to the lactation consultant! joy!), and now, drama because baby Laurel hasn’t gained enough weight (she was 8lb, 5oz at birth, dropped to 7lb, 12oz in hospital, and has been holding steady at 8lbs since her one-week checkup last week). She’s nursing and latching consistently now, though, so I’m hoping that increasing the caloric value of my milk (the ped said not to restrict and eat lots of protein), pumping off foremilk before nursing, and waking baby every 3 hours to feed will help.

(It did — since I started this post FIVE DAYS AGO, she’s gained about 7 ounces, so we’re rocking and rolling over here.) The trick, we’re learning the hard way, is to find a balance between meeting our own needs and the two children’s. Harry is doing … okay with his dethroning, but he definitely misses getting all of the attention all of the time. I hate that Matt and I get barky with him more often than not, but we also do a good job (I think) of keeping each other in check and reminding each other to be compassionate with the three-year-old who’s now got a squalling, red-faced ball of competition with whom to contend.

So, balance. We needz it. I know it will come, but that there will be lots trial and error with lots of good and bad days in between. I just keep telling myself that we know lots of people who have survived having two kids and that their families appear to be pretty happy and well-adjusted, so there’s hope for us yet.