Starting With Food (On Whole 30 + meal plan)

I’ve been curious about Whole30 for a little while now; my dad adopted a modified Whole30 diet early in 2014 and by summer had lost nearly 50 pounds. I’ve been fairly successful with Weight Watchers, but I decided that I need to be a little less sloppy, more disciplined, with my food intake. My friend C did a Whole30 back in the fall and I enjoyed seeing her posts on Instagram, detailing her meals on the program. My ears perked up when, at the end of the 30 days, she’d lost something like 13 pounds.

I’m now 42 and really need to quit messing around and lose about 40 more pounds (I lost 18 in 2014). I have a family history of cancer (breast, spinal, multiple myeloma — all fatal), high blood pressure, and so on. I joke sometimes and say that I want to lose weight so that I can live forever, but the truth is that while I do want to live to watch my grandkids grow upI want to be healthy while doing it.


So, starting Monday, I’m kickstarting better habits by doing my first Whole30. I’m a little nervous about the black coffee (sweet, creamy coffee is pretty much why I get out of bed in the morning), but I’m willing to sacrifice now for the greater good, so to speak. I think I can go a month without cookies and treats and the occasional glass of wine — the objective is to reboot my intake and build healthier habits from there. I do not, however, see myself going full paleo.

I’ve worked out a meal plan for the coming week and listed it below. The Whole30/paleo folks sure do like their meat, where I try to limit my intake of animal protein to no more than one meal per day. This will make breakfasts difficult, and I reckon I’ll be sick of almond butter and Larabars come Feb. 5.

I welcome any recipes, tips, and reminiscences of your own Whole30s. Let the healing begin!


Sunday: Posole (not W30 compliant with the hominy, but I’m officially starting on Monday)

Monday: Sauteed shrimp and veggies

Tuesday: Balsamic pork roast (with compliant subs for the honey and worcestershire sauce), sauteed spinach, roasted potatoes

Wednesday: Turkey lettuce wraps

Thursday: Salsa verde chicken, roasted plantains (the rest of the family will probably have tacos or rice), salad

Friday: Thai crunch salad (will have to make a few adjustments to make this W30 compliant)

Saturday: If we stay in, we’ll have steak, potatoes, and something green. If we go out (we might go see the Hobbit), I’ll probably get salad.

Breakfasts will be some balancing act of fruits + almond butter, egg somethings, and fruit + Larabars. Lunches will be mason jar salads, most likely.