Fall 2007: Stick a fork in it

Last week, I took my last Spanish test for the semester and apparently scored well enough on it to earn an A in the class. Tuesday night, I turned in my last paper for my rhetoric/theory class, and got an A on it but an A- in the class (which is fine; I don’t really think I earned an A per se). The best part of the class came at the end; my final paper (on Derrida and Paul de Man and the work of memory and mourning) will probably end up being the primary theoretical approach to at least one chapter of my dissertation.

Speaking of which, I am now done with my coursework and am ready to advance to candidacy. All I have to do is fill out the paperwork. I hate paperwork.

Today I graded the last batch of papers for my 309K class and posted the grades, which inspired a rant about why undergrads should be subject to the +/- system rather than graduate students. But that’s a rant for another day, probably early May.

So, that’s it for the fall semster. I have some final things to do for the barbecue book, but other than that, I’m “free” for a month. To mark the occasion, I took myself out to see Atonement, which is desperately sad, impeccably gorgeous, and has been haunting me since the credits rolled. I’m only about 35 pages into the book, and I’m eager to pick it back up and re-immerse myself in that world, as bleak as it is. I have a friend who gets weepy whenever there’s a conflict between family members or lovers in movies and TV. Me? I’m a sucker for a good doomed-love narrative. There’s something about that longing that just hits me in the guts. I’ll probably see the movie again and buy the DVD when it comes out. That’s how much I loved this movie.

Tomorrow is holiday shopping (ugh) and on Sunday Layne and I are running a 5K. That afternoon, H and M and I are headed to San Antonio for an annual gathering we have with Matt’s ole buddies. Then I start my two-week tenure as a SAHM. So far I’ve planned a trip to the Children’s Museum, a paint-it-yourself pottery place, and a playdate with Jodi and Arden. Superhappyfuntime!

Okay, I’m going to go read the book now. In a post soon to come: an account of the movies I’ve watched and things I’ve knitted while watching them.

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  1. gimpy

     /  December 17, 2007

    Fill out that paperwork, woman!!! Congrats on your soon-to-be-ABD status and welcome to the world of No Coursework! It’s pretty fantastic.


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