Wanted: 2RBIs, 2 home runs, or 1 grand slam

I’m not picky. Whatever’ll get us to Game 5. Thanks. Ah, balls. Next year, Rox. I’ll be rooting for you come spring training.

This weekend I harvested about 5 pounds of pecans from our yards (one tree each in front and back). At first I started gathering them idly, then it became an obsession. You should have seen me: I was like a demented easter egg hunter, treading softly in the overgrown grass, feeling for the nuts through the soles of my Vans. Now then, what do I do with all of these pecans?

This afternoon, we met up with the M family, as well as my dad, sister, her husband, their three kids, and a little girl from dad’s neighborhood at the Wildflower Center for “Goblins in the Garden.” It was fairly lame, but since we’re not taking Harry trick-or-treating this year (or next year, if we can get away with it), it was a fun way to celebrate Halloween without winding up with eleventy tons of candy AND we got to dress him up in his costume. He was a Biscuit Brother, but every time you asked him whether he was Dusty or Buford, he’d change his answer. I’m gonna go with Buford, because he’s the cuter one.

After that, we went to dinner at Threadgill’s (bleargh), where Harry showed off his mad “reading” skillz (the kid LOVES to read out letters, even though he doesn’t know what the words mean, obviously). It was so interesting to see him alongside Tracey’s son, Jonathan, who is 6 months older than Harry. J is VERY physical, will climb any and every climbable item within a 50-foot radius, doesn’t seem to have many words, and is just a wild man. Tracey is VERY good with him — I was very impressed with how patient she was with her little Tasmanian devil). And then there’s Harry, who is also a bundle of id (these boys are 2, after all), but he’s incredibly talkative, loves to sing and “read,” and rather than climb all over everything, he likes to look at bright colors, push buttons, and look at the bubbles in the jukebox machine. It was very interesting to see these two very different personalities alongside each other. I wonder how these differences will manifest themselves in the future?

I’m knitting a cardigan for myself and am rejoining Weight Watchers on Friday. More blogfodder!