Meal plan: Week of 01/05/14-01/11/14


A work in progress

It’s meal plan time! This week, I’m attempting to balance my needs as a practicing Weight Watcher (so, lean proteins, whole wheat pastas, brown rice, lots of veggies) with the varied palates of my family (and oh, are they varied — the rainbow of pickiness among these people is vibrant indeed). I’m also delving into my new copy of Best Lunch Box Ever for the BK’s lunches, as he goes back to school this week. I’ll probably make some sort of wholesome treat to go in his lunch — perhaps some oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies?

Sunday: Dinner out with my folks

Monday: Chicken tortilla soup from Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker cookbook

Tuesday: Coconut curry noodles with tofu
BK’s lunch: kiddie cobb salad, crackers, fruit

Wednesday: Grown-up Tuna Noodle Casserole
BK’s lunch: Annie’s stars, crudite, fruit

Thursday: Shrimp fried rice
BK’s lunch: Turkey and veggie dagwood sandwich (from BLBE), veggie straws, maybe the jewel box fruit salad from BLBE.

Friday: Baked salmon (perhaps this one?), whole wheat couscous, veg of some sort
BK’s lunch: BLT rollups from BLBE, chips, applesauce

Saturday: Leftover bonanza OR dinner out.

What are you having this week? What types of wholesome desserts do you pack in your kid’s lunchbox, apart from fruit?

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  1. Dena

     /  January 5, 2014

    After crazy holidays, got to get back in the habit of weekly meal planning. Kids don’t have desserts in their lunches. Usually either leftovers or a sandwich, plus fruit.


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