Smitten Saturdays

So, the new Smitten Kitchen cookbook came out this week and I know it’s short notice, but I want to do a cook-and-blog-along from the book. Please join me! Here’s how we’ll go: Following the Baked Sunday Mornings model, I’ll plan out a schedule of recipes from the book for us to cook “together” every other weekend. You make the recipe, blog about it (please don’t post the recipe on your blog), and come back here with a link to your entry. I’ll publish a “leave your link” entry on Friday night, and you leave a link to your blog entry in the comments by noon your time on Saturday.

We’ll kick things off with Mom’s Apple Cake (p. 239 in the book, and also here, although it is likely different from the version in the cookbook) because apples are in season! Hooray! So, if you want to play, leave your link in the comments section of this post by noon your time tomorrow. And tell your friends!

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  1. I want to play! I’ll cook the veggie recipes… although I am too late for apple cake. Ah, well.

    • boxingoctopus

       /  November 4, 2012

      Fantastic! The next recipe will be the big breakfast latkes. Glad you will be cooking along!

  1. Smitten Saturdays: Grapefruit Olive Oil Pound Cake « My Rubberbandball

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