Austin City Guide: The 5 Best Patios

This post is the second in a series of entries dedicated to the Austin Food Blogger Alliance City Guide 2012, aimed at helping visitors and newcomers sort out the city’s most notable food establishments. Over the course of the next week, I’ll be covering a broad array of topics dedicated to the best places to eat and drink and socialize in Austin.

Spring is nearly upon us, which means you have about a 15-minute window to enjoy your mimosas and eggs Benedict or margaritas and queso outdoors without being mosquito-bit and drenched in sweat. Here are the top five patios to enjoy Austin’s fleeting moments of nice weather.

5. Red’s Porch

Photo courtesy of Michelle Cheng of Foodie is the New Forty,

“Half Cajun, Half Tex Mex, Half Southern.” 100% South Austin.

4. Paggi House

Photo courtesy of Michelle Cheng of Foodie is the New Forty.

Slightly upscale, with lovely cocktails that you can enjoy nestled in the trees. One of the few places where you might run into your snooty Aunt Dora and your twenty-something babysitter on the same night.

3. Perla’s

Photo via

Play some shuffleboard or just kick back and relax while you enjoy your oysters and cold beer in slackadaisical South Congress style. (Word on the street is that this is primo real estate for Robert Plant and Patty Griffin sightings!)

2. Vivo

Margaritas taste better outside. As do puffy tacos, tortilla soup, and enchiladas!!! The water wall and aggressive plant-scaping almost obscure the fact that you’re butted up against the bustle of Manor Road traffic.

1. Contigo

I love this place, and not just because it’s in my neighborhood (East side represent!). Pretty much the entire restaurant is outside, and the feel is homey and welcoming. This picture doesn’t really do it justice, because I took it before they were open on a gray and blustery morning. Just think of settling in together on large picnic tables under twinkling lights (or near a warming fire bowl if it’s chilly), sharing plates of crispy green beans and housemade pigs in blankets. Or tucking into half a roast chicken while your tablemates savor their rabbit and dumplings, everyone trading bites (hygienically, we hope) and sipping cocktails and laughing and maybe challenging one another to a game of washers. It’s happy, neighborly chaos at Contigo, like a backyard block party.

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  1. Contigo is my fave – followed by Paggi House. One is close to work, the other is close to home. Perfect!

  2. Contigo is high on my curiosity list. Living in Round Rock makes it a bit more difficult to get down to all these patios, but where there’s margaritas there’s a way!

  3. Hit two of the five (Paggi and Contigo) this weekend. Good pics!

  4. Contigo really is fantastic


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