Meal plan: 8/28-9/3

Some beef empanadas I made about a week and a half ago. I made a TON and they are delicious and there are some in the freezer. They may appear on the menu if I find myself in a pinch.

Wow, two weeks since my last post! Awesome blogging there. I promise that I have a post about table clearing in restaurants coming up, and I currently have a batch of scones in the oven that I plan to write about this week.

(It’s been a busy couple of weeks, what with school starting and Matt’s parents in town and freelance deadlines. Oh, and my newfound obsession with Breaking Bad.)

That said, let’s talk about dinner this week. I went to the Casserole Queens’ cookbook release party at BookPeople on Thursday night and in addition to picking up their book, I also finally got The Family Dinner by Laurie David (who I didn’t put together until I got to the “Dinner after Divorce” section was married to Larry David). I’ve been anxious to buy the book for awhile and since I had a coupon + permission from myself to splurge a bit, I went ahead and pulled the trigger. I’m glad I did! There are a LOT of really awesome recipes in there that I’m anxious to try! (I’m also eager to try the Corndog Casserole from the Queens, but that may have to wait for a night that Matt’s not home for dinner). This week sees two recipes from The Family Dinner.

Sunday: leftovers/sandwiches (We ate out A LOT this weekend, plus I made chili mac on Saturday froma recipe that yielded WAY more than the four servings it promised.)
Monday: rigatoni with pesto, salad, multigrain rolls
Tuesday: Crunchy Chicken Schnitzel, broccoli, smashed potatoes
Wednesday: leftovers, likely
Thursday: shrimp tacos (this one is inspired by The Family Dinner)
Friday: Pizza night
Saturday: Dinner in the pines!

What are you eating this week?

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  1. 1. That corndog casserole is AWESOME. I got the recipe somehow about a year ago, and it’s on the “emergency meal” list that Rami knows how to make when there’s no other food in the house for him. We eat it about once a month and it is perfect every time!

    2. How do you reheat your frozen empanadas? I made some a couple of months ago and they turned out soggy when I thawed them in the fridge and baked them…


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