Baked Sunday Mornings: Cowboy Cookies

It’s been a while since I participated in the Baked Sunday Mornings project. I fully intended to make the tomato soup cupcakes two weeks ago, but Mother’s Day intervened. I didn’t do the crumb cake because that was Easter weekend and we were so busy hosting our annual Easter egg hunt and doing Easter activities that there was no time to bake and blog about it. But here we are on Cowboy Cookies week and there was no way I was going to skip this one!

As promised, these cookies are quite tasty. They are somewhat reminiscent of the monster cookies from Baked in that they have the oatmeal chocolate-chip base with extra yummy stuff added (the monster cookies also call for m&m’s and peanut butter). I kind of fudged the instructions with the pretzels because I found it annoying to fuss with them after scooping out the dough. I also had a problem with the cook time for these; I let the first two dozen cook for 13 minutes and they were undercooked when I took them out. I let them cool for 10 minutes on the cookie sheets and they had done that thing that undercooked cookies do — they got kind of gummy in the center. I let the second two dozen cook for about 15 minutes and they were also a bit undercooked, but a bit better as regards the gummy center.

I sneaked a half-cup of whole-wheat pastry flour into the batter to ease my conscience. I also deeply regret allowing my kids (especially the Big Kid) eat a couple of these cookies because even though that teaspoon of espresso powder was spread out over four dozen cookies, I suspect it was the culprit in turning my kids into vibrating perpetual motion spazz machines yesterday.

Click on over here to see the recipe and others’ writeups of the cowboy cookies!

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  1. spazz machines lol… great post! you’re not the first blogger to mention the monster cookies, and now i think i might just have to make some!

  2. I’m glad you came back for this cookie recipe; it would have been a shame to miss it! Your cookies look great!

  3. I had trouble with the baking time on this one too! After reading so many rave reviews, I’m kinda glad to not be alone in having issues with this one.


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