Meal plan, May 15-21

Oh hey! Here’s a meal plan for the first time in months! I’ve been remiss in blogging, yes, and in making a weekly meal plan. This has led to many impromptu, less-than-balanced meals, many shortcuts, and just a general sense of chaos. I just completed my first three weeks of a temporary full-time copyediting job that lasts through the end of June, which means that I’ve spent the past three weeks juggling the end of the semester (tonight = paper grading marathon!) with working full time, trying to squeeze in workouts, and trying to live life. I’ve missed having the sense of order that having a plan provides. I also miss having a proper family meal.

Sunday: Richardson Farms sausage, crispy potato roast, steamed broccoli, watermelon
Monday: black bean tostadas with portabellos
Tuesday: pork tenderloin, mac and cheese (with whole wheat pasta), salad with greens from Tecolote Farms
Wednesday: baked chicken, rice, carrots (or maybe leftovers)
Thursday: crockpot short ribs, whole wheat fettucine from Pasta & Co., salad
Friday: tilapia, potatoes, broccoli
Saturday: dinner out

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  1. Sally

     /  May 15, 2011

    Your menu looks muy tasty. Here’s ours:
    Sunday: grilled chicken, portabellos, and a bunch of other stuff (extra chicken and mushrooms, as we’re planning to use them later in the week)
    Monday: PB&J night (my late work night)
    Tuesday: portabello/chicken tostadas, mangoes, carrot sticks.
    Wednesday: tasty tomato soup and toasty bread, green salad, assorted fruit items, steamed broccoli.
    Thursday: Cheese pizza (Iris’ night to choose dinner for us all), pears, carrots.
    Friday: tilapia fish tacos.
    Saturday: block potluck and kickball party. We’re taking black bean salad. And cookies.
    Good to see your menu again! I like the ideas.


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