Shameless self-promotion

While I continue to plot a post on our mega-strawberry-picking excursion, please allow me to take a moment to point you to a guest post I did at Celebrity Gossip, Academic Style. It’s a little sneak peek at Chapter 1 of my dissertation, and it involves my Internet bête noire, the Pioneer Woman.

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  1. devlyn

     /  May 10, 2011

    Ahoy! Not sure if you remember me (I think we chatted back and forth on my blog, like, years ago), but I’ve been keeping up with you via the RSS feed. Anyhow, I just had to say that I am blown away by what you’ve written regarding The Pioneer Woman. It’s one of the many blogs I read that I consider “silly” (due to the miscellaneous nature of posting, including guest posts), and had never really thought about it critically. Sad thing is that I’m just about to start a paper with my subject already chosen, and I’m tempted to change it now to something that would include the branding of bloggers (especially food bloggers, as they are the writers I tend to read the most). Each “celebrity” blogger certainly adheres to his or her own brand image, and it’s interesting how stereotyped and compartmentalized these writers become throughout the years. I constantly wonder how long most of them will be able to keep it up — how long the readers will continue to support these sites where the only new information is a recipe or photo. Anyhow, just my $.02. Good luck on the dissertation, and I hope you make it available for reading once you’re done!

  2. FFF

     /  May 11, 2011

    I loved reading your Pioneer Woman guest blog. You articulated what nagged the corners of my brain but I couldn’t quite figure out. Whenever I read her blog, I’m struck by how she can have a breezy tone in each and every post how she never cares (ever!) about calories or butter. I mean, that’s just not real. And I always figured she only shared the good and self censored the rest, but you made me realize it’s propogating an image. The old poetry comparisons really drove the point home. Fabulous job!!!

  3. Sally

     /  May 15, 2011

    Hey–speaking of big strawberry picking activities, there’s a nice selection of photos (especially the kids-in-the-berry shot) over at Chad’s flickr page.

  4. I just read your post on PW. Thank you.

    This line was perfection.

    As the evolution of the blog suggests in its movement from the emotionally visceral to the imaginary, it is in the imaginary that the Pioneer Woman finds her audience……

    Actually, the entire posting was perfection.


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