Creamsicle cupcakes

Tuesday night, I made cupcakes for the Little Kid’s class Easter party. I decided to do white cupcakes, since it’s a group of two-year-olds and white crumbs are easier to clean than dark ones. (Or something.) I went with this recipe, substituting the AP flour with pastry flour. They turned out beautifully, with nice little domes (instead of the flat tops I usually produce).

Now, I have long struggled with how to get domed cupcakes. I read in a book that you have to bake your cupcakes on a baking stone, but that’s not gonna happen. The Kitchn says that you need to crank up the heat, but I don’t trust my oven (or my attention span) enough to do that. I tried the pastry flour because it has a lower gluten content and makes for lighter, fluffier, more tender pastries. I think that might be the key. The domes actually deflated a bit as the cupcakes cooled, but I was so happy to have a mounded pastry for the glaze rather than a flat surface!

I decided to go with an orange frosting because I am not a fan of plain vanilla buttercream. Also, while Creamsicles (or Dreamsicles) weren’t ever my frozen novelty of choice, I do like the flavor combination of orange and vanilla. So, I tooled around Teh Internetz and found this frosting recipe and decided to run with it. I only had 4 ounces of cream cheese, though, and had just thrown out a small tub of cream cheese frosting I’d made for some aborted cinnamon rolls. I used 1/4 cup of orange juice in the frosting batter instead of the zest/extract, and was then really kicking myself for not having that previously made frosting on hand to help thicken it. So, I ended up with a glaze, which worked fine.

The Girl was excited about them!

The tragic end to this story, though, is that the Little Kid got sent home from preschool on the day of the party because she wasn’t feeling well. But her teachers were kind enough to wrap up a cupcake and some other goodies, as well as an Easter basket they’d made for her and the eggs we’d contributed to the hunt and sent them home with her. So sweet.

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