Baked Sunday Mornings: Salt and Pepper Sandwich Cookies

I love Oreos. LOVE. THEM. I almost never eat them because they are part of the horrific industrial food system, not to mention being fattening and devoid of nutrients. (But! They are [possibly] vegan!) That said, these cookies did not capture my interest the first time I flipped through Baked Explorations, and I was ambivalent about their spot on the Baked Sunday Mornings calendar. I’m glad I made them, though, because these are gooooood.

The cookie part has a pleasant depth of flavor thanks to the double whammy of Valhrona cocoa and Dagoba dark chocolate; the white pepper creates heat on the back end. The filling (I omitted the rum because a.) I didn’t have any and b.) my husband wouldn’t be able to take the cookies to work with him if they had “live” alcohol in them) is exactly the consistency of an Oreo filling. The only thing I would change about the filling is that I would also leave out the 1/2 t of salt. Then again, I’m sensitive to salt and tend to find things too salty that others don’t notice. (For example, my husband didn’t think they were too salty at all.)

I let the Big Kid have one before nap and I heard him ask, “Daddy, does this have pepper in it?” I was certain that once he got an answer in the affirmative, he’d stop eating, but he finished the whole thing and even said he wanted one in his lunchbox tomorrow.

(HA! As I write this, Matt Lewis is making the Sweet and Salty Brownies on The Best Thing I Ever Ate! I need to make those again soon.)

Anyway, I only used half of the dough; the first half made 28 sandwich cookies. When I make the second half of the cookies, I might experiment a bit with the filling, maybe throw some blueberries or blackberries in there to complement the pepper.

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  1. I love your idea of adding some fruit to the filling! Your cookies look beautiful and delicious.

  2. laura h.

     /  March 13, 2011

    i’m so glad you shared! mike and i shared one on the drive home, but i am saving my other cookie for a glass of milk. they were very much like an Oreo in that the cookie had a crunch. but the filling was – dare I say – even better than an Oreo. all the more reason the milk is going to be a must.

  3. Fun ideas and great photos…especially the fun young man! We love this recipe…I”m so glad I baked these cookies. And…I’ve had several neighbors appear at the front door…I think they are getting the idea that we bake around here??? And 100% they all love these cookies too.

  4. I think the look on his face says it all ! Great job on the cookies

  5. Beautiful sandwiches! I’m in the “don’t think they’re too salty” camp, but others thought they were… oh well. Can’t please everyone! Looks like “he” enjoyed them!!!


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