Baked Sunday Mornings: Devil’s Food Cake with Angel Icing

I decided to adapt this week’s entry into cupcakes because tonight is my (very small and intimate) Oscars party and I reckoned cupcakes would be easier to eat than cake.

I made the cupcakes this morning while my husband slept in. I knew where this project was headed the minute I took them out of the oven:

Flat, sunken messes

The edges.

After nap, I made the frosting. I knew I was doomed when I got distracted (toddler harassment), dropped an egg on the floor while putting the fifth egg white into the mixing bowl, and allowed a teensy bit of yolk into the bowl with the rest of the whites. I tried to get it out, but it didn’t work. I would have dumped the whole thing and started over if it hadn’t been the final egg white, but I didn’t want to dip into my “regular” egg stash.

The recipe says you’re supposed to whip the egg whites with the sugar syrup for seven minutes. Three minutes into it, I had soup and started making plans to go to the store to get some cream cheese to make a backup frosting. But with about two minutes to go, it started to thicken up and look glossy, per the recipe. Then I added the vanilla (I used 1.5 t extract per the recipe, which calls for 1 t of vanilla paste or 1.5 t of extract, but that was WAY too much).

I went ahead and put the frosting on the cupcakes. And by “put,” I mean “glopped.” Then I realized, as I ascertained the brown streaks in the frosting, that the vanilla hadn’t blended in entirely. Then I tasted a cupcake. While the cake was really delicious and moist, the frosting was crazy sweet and had an overpowering vanilla extract taste.

After conferring with my husband, who agreed with me when I said that these were by far the ugliest cupcakes I’d ever made (not to mention just an epic failure with the frosting), I decided to cut my losses.

Better luck next time.

So, now I have no cupcakes for tonight’s party and all of the local cupcakeries are closed. Yes, this is a first world problem. But I’m still bummed.

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  1. That sucks! I’m sure there will be many baking successes in your future!

  2. Well, I guess I don’t feel so horrible with my mutual epic frosting failure. I never want anyone else to fail, but seeing another in the Baked Sunday Morning roundup helped my ego a teeny bit. Hope there are no more fails coming our way!

  3. Aww! I’m sorry your frosting didn’t work out. But to be honest, I’ll stick with cream cheese or regular buttercream for most of my cakes. The meringue was okay, but I’ve never been a marshmallow kind of girl, so you didn’t miss much. Better luck next time!

  4. Well, here’s to buttercream frosting! Those meringue-type frostings are so picky… but here’s to a valiant effort! Honestly, they look delicious – the kind that is supposed to look gloppy and messy and “wonderful”! I’m sorry they went to waste – but “A” for effort!

  5. Ohh bummer, but you hung in there and kept trying-we’ve all been there !


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