Radish butter

A few weeks back, I mentioned my plan to make radish butter for my friend’s Super Bowl party. Well, I weren’t just whistlin’ Dixie, y’all!

Yesterday morning, Laurel and I made a speedy trip down to the farmers market to snag some radishes and a loaf of three-seed sourdough from Texas French Bread. It was an incredibly hectic day of out-of-town AND neighborhood birthday parties (not to mention a jewelry trunk show that I really wanted to attend, but that sadly fell through the cracks of chaos), so I snagged the very small window of opportunity I had to grab my most preferred ingredients for this experimental party dip.

The recipe is so incredibly easy. Just pulse a half-pound of radishes in a food processor until they are very finely diced, then wring them out in paper towels or cheesecloth. Then place them in a bowl and cream the radishes with four tablespoons of softened unsalted butter. Add more butter one tablespoon at a time until you have a spreadable dip (I erred more on the veg-heavy side, but feel free to make it more butter-heavy if you prefer). Top with sea salt and freshly ground pepper.

If you’re making it ahead of time, cover it up; it will keep for two days or so. Let it soften for about 15 minutes before serving so that it is spreadable.

I was a little nervous about how it would be received at a Super Bowl party, but the feedback was resoundingly positive. It was more spreadable at the onset of the party because it was still soft and the sun was still out (the food was outside). But after the sun went down and the air cooled off, the spread stiffened up and was hard to serve. But that didn’t stop me from plopping a big blob of it on my bread and chowing down even after I had already eaten past satiety.

As I mentioned, I served this with a seedy multigrain sourdough, but it’s also good on Wasa or GF crackers. And maybe even with celery or carrot sticks.

P.S. Don’t be stingy with the salt. It really brings out the flavor of both the radish and the butter.

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  1. thesaltedtomato

     /  February 6, 2011

    This is a very interesting recipe- I’ve never heard of radish butter until now. I love radishes, and I love butter even more. I can’t see how this wouldn’t be good!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. How interesting-where did you come up with this idea? I love radishes and butter so I’m thinking this will make a good sandwich spread. Thanks for sharing. K

  3. boxingoctopus

     /  February 6, 2011

    That’s one thing I forgot to mention here, that I got the recipe from the Lee Brothers’ Simple Fresh Southern cookbook. I have been eating bread with butter, radishes, and salt for some time now, but I wouldn’t have thought to make a spread of it until I saw this in the cookbook! And I definitely think it would be good on a sandwich! YUM!

  4. that sounds delicious, i love radishes!

  5. Sally

     /  February 7, 2011

    It’s a new Superbowl (commercials) Party tradition!

    And, after all that, neither Chad nor I managed to grab a taste (I had one small serving of fritos with chili and some queso, and I think Chad managed half a sausage. You never eat at your own party…), so you’ll have to make some for Easter, if not sooner.

  6. Sally

     /  February 7, 2011

    I did get two monster cookies, too. Forgot about those. They were, as usual, very tasty.


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