Menu plan: January 31-Feb 6

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I confess: I wrote out this week’s menu plan during the sermon at church yesterday, but only after I updated my Facebook status expressing my joy that the offertory music was a Nick Drake song. #churchfail

We’re supposed to get an ARCTIC BLAST this week, so I’m going for the warm and comforting/get all of this freaking soup OUT OF MY FREEZER NOW.

Monday: leftovers
Tuesday: salmon, spinach, roasted new potatoes and winter veg like purple cauliflower, carrots, and beets procured from the farmers market
Wednesday: barbecue pulled chicken in the crockpot, tortillas, broccoli, perhaps some taco fixings
Thursday: panini, soup, crunchy veggies
Friday orange-dijon chicken sausage, brown rice (cooked in the Zojirushi I gave Matt for Christmas so that I don’t ruin it), salad
Saturday: TBA. We’re going up to Ft. Hood for my nephew and niece’s joint birthday party (at Chuck E. Cheese, blarfgh) at noon; I’m hoping to have dinner out after the fact.
Sunday: Super Bowl party at a friend’s house; they’re grilling sausage and I’m bringing radish butter with multigrain bread and also sweet and salty brownies.

What’s on your menu?

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  1. Sally

     /  January 31, 2011

    today: roast veg and a rotisserie chicken. Tuesday: leftover chicken added to a big “Asian” cabbage salad featuring sesame seeds and some chow mein. Wednesday: PB&J/leftovers (my late night at work–Chad gets to take it easy) Thursday: Iris’ choice. She tells me it will involve rolled up tortillas, though she hasn’t been clear yet on what will be rolled up in the tortillas! Friday: takeout at a friend’s house. Saturday: freezer grab-bag. Who knows what we’ll end up eating! Sunday: sausage, queso, guacamole, brownies, radish butter, chili, beans-and-rice…

  2. your menu sounds amazing, right down to the frozen soups! here’s what i have so far:
    tonight – asian soup with chicken broth, bok choy, shitakes, noodles, fish sauce and soy sauce.
    tuesday – leftover soup for lunch, then dinner at ASTI with a friend (who is treating) while mike stays home to make a soup out of a ham hock, beans and yellow onions.
    wednesday – mike’s soup for dinner with wilted spinach
    thursday – salad with mixed greens and pasta with tomato sauce we got from the family in australia
    friday – asian themed potluck for our potluck group. we’re making chicken karaage! it’s a bad way to end the week but we’ve been bragging about it for ages so now it’s pay up or shut up time … 🙂
    lunches/snacks/breakfasts – fat-free milk, yogurt, blackberries and bananas procured today at CM for mini-smoothies. oh, and magic pop! because you don’t need kids to buy bags and bags of magic pop 🙂

  3. inspiring!
    mon: turkey burgers and chipotle sweet potato fries (i have a cello lesson, so mike prepares)
    tues: veggie and pork fried rice
    wed: crockpot taco soup and maybe homemade tortillas, if my press comes
    thurs: leftover soup with bean and cheese tostadas
    fri: i can’t think that far in advance 🙂


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