Menu plan: January 24-30

Yesterday I shopped at the Farmers Market with the idea that I would build the week’s menu around the veg that I found. I love, love, LOVE winter produce, so I gleefully snapped up kohlrabi, beets, cheddar cauliflower, and a stalk of Brussels sprouts, all from Johnson’s Backyard Garden. (The French breakfast radishes are from Springhill Farms, I think. Perfect for an open-faced multigrain bread-butter-radish sandwich!) I am a big fan of JBG, and have often considered joining their CSA, but I fear my family’s pickiness would generate too much waste. Plus, I really like going to the FM and choosing my own vegetables in amounts I have control over. At any rate, JBG’s produce is always gorgeous, even though I sometimes find their prices a bit dear.

So gorgeous

I did but some supplementary veges at the grocery this morning, as I have planned a pretty veg-heavy menu this week, but didn’t account for some nights’ meals while at the FM yesterday. I’m also trying to plan meals that can be nicely repurposed into lunches for Harrison (and maybe myself a little bit).

Monday: leftovers (Sunday night’s roasted chicken leftovers, and various other meals from the weekend)
Tuesday: Mild Italian sausage, pasta, bread, salad
Wednesday: Salmon, spinach, potatoes
Thursday: Pork chops, roasted veges (cauliflower, beets, kohlrabi), couscous
Friday: Bacon & spinach quiche, salad, bread
Saturday: Veggie chili, cornbread, broccoli
Sunday: Curried chicken pan roast (veg: butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, maybe some carrots), naan

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  1. Sally

     /  January 25, 2011

    Nice menu! We’ve got roast veg. on the menu for later this week, to go with some broiled tilapia. And chili, too! But of the meat variety. After all the other stuff gets added, the beef is almost an afterthought in Chad’s chili, but I can’t really imagine getting him to try a veg version. Do post about how the curried chicken pan roast goes. That one looks tasty!


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