White chocolate cranberry oatmeal cookies with candied orange peel

(“…and bacon and lobster and broccoli and cheese,” jokes my husband upon hearing the cumbersome, ingredient-heavy title of these cookies. Perhaps there’s a more graceful name for them?)

Back in December, I went to the inaugural ATXswappers event and really, really enjoyed it. In addition to taking home some AMAZING food, I met (and got to reconnect with) some really talented people.

Among the tasty goodies I brought home was a baggie of candied orange peels made by Addie. They’ve kind of been languishing in my kitchen-counter fruit bowl (currently stocked with a belt of lemons destined to be lemon curd for the next swap!) because I didn’t really know what to do with them.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought the ingredients for some white chocolate cranberry oatmeal cookies and after giving it some thought, figured, why not put some of that orange peel in the cookies? Who doesn’t love the pairing of cranberry and orange? Then I sort of tossed around different ways to deal with the white chocolate — make a ganache and glaze the cookies with it? Make a ganache and swirl it in the batter? Ultimately, I decided to just put the chips in with the batter per the recipe, mostly because I’m lazy and sick to death of washing dishes.

So, to make a short story even longer, I minced up a few pieces of the candied peel and put about two tablespoons of it into the batter; that was the perfect amount, as any more would have overwhelmed the cookie and any less wouldn’t have shown up in the flavor profile. Let me tell you, these cookies are AMAZING. Seriously, send help. I ate three before I could even help myself, and so did Matt (“They taste like they’re good for me, but they’re also really good.” I then informed him that the recipe called for a stick and a half of butter. “That must be the good-for-me part that I’m tasting,” he replied.) I considered sending the remainder (about two dozen) to work with him today, but they already got 2/3 of the Almond Joy Tart (“should be illegal,” was some of the feedback) this week and I am greedy. But I’ve also lost 13 pounds in the past four months and I’d like to keep that going.

So. A box of really delicious (and fattening, despite the presence of oatmeal) cookies needs a home, preferably not in my belleh. *cue sad music*

The cookie version of puppy-dog eyes.

Seriously, though, I’m really looking forward to the next swap on Jan 31. Not only might I find the next ingredient that can make an otherwise-mundane recipe pop, but I am super excited about the potential for this budding community of bright, creative folks who are passionate about good food and even better company.

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  1. These look awesome. I’m really glad I did that Baked Sunday Mornings challenge because it helped me rediscover white chocolate. I’ll bet it tasted great in these cookies! See ya at the next swap!

  2. I’ve really come to adore the combination of orange and chocolate, and I expect that the intensity of candied orange peel would be just fantastic in these cookies. I may have to see if I can talk Addie out of any leftover peel so I can try these myself. What a great idea.

  3. Sally

     /  January 14, 2011

    I have a similar titling problem with my salted oat cookies with cherries and bittersweet chocolate. Sometimes I drop the bittersweet, but then people say, “What’s up with the chocolate?” and I have to explain. Can’t we just call our cookies marvelous and leave it at that?


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