Menu plan: Jan 10-16

VEGGIES. You know you want 'em.

Another week, another attempt to get this family on the road to eating lots and lots of whole foods with an emphasis on veggies!

Monday: chicken, artichoke, and pepperjack sausage; whole wheat gemelli with sauce; steamed sugar snap peas.
Tuesday: broccoli/tofu stirfry and rice
Wednesday: leftovers (including Sunday’s turkey-spinach lasagna; that post has it scheduled for Saturday, but the poached fish was a disaster, which foiled my leftovers plans and bumped the lasagna back to Sunday. Saturday was a ready-made meal from Whole Foods.)
Thursday: Chicken Divan and salad
Friday: Soup and sandwiches (so much soup in the freezer!)
Saturday: out of town with the kids while Matt stays back and works (stupid Lege)
Sunday: dinner out?

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  1. We’ve been eating in as much as possible and trying to be wholesome/healthy, too — partially to save up for the wedding. This has been helped by Trent getting really into trying to learn Indian cooking. Also, we picked up the “Cook This Not That” book at Sam’s on a whim — it’s got some really good menu ideas, many of which seem kid-friendly.

  2. Love your blog, from one foodie to another. =)

  3. Looks like an awesome meal plan! By the way to answer your question from before, I’m going to be going to BlogHer Food. Looking forward to it. I also made the last minute decision to go to Blissdom at the end of January. I hope that was a good one! Supposedly there are foodies there too. We’ll see.


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