BAKED Sunday Mornings: Sweet and Salty Brownies

This week’s BAKED Sunday Mornings entry is Sweet and Salty Brownies. This another recipe I had singled out as “To Make Immediately” when I bought the book. Actually, BEFORE I bought the book! See, I follow Baked on Facebook and had seen one day that they have a sweet and salty brownie, which piqued my interest immediately. I have already gone on record as being an ardent fan of their regular brownie. But it has been, like, six years since the last time I was in New York and back then, I didn’t get anywhere near Brooklyn, and no one I know has been to Brooklyn recently. So. No sweet and salty brownies for me!

Until now!

I made these a couple of weeks ago, actually, for the un-bachelorette party of a friend of mine (“un-bachelorette” makes it sound like a divorce party, but no, it was a bachelorette party at her house with lots of amazing food and cheesy girl movies and a minimum of cheesy p*n!s-themed accessories).

The process of these brownies is very similar to that of the regular brownies, with the added step of making a salted caramel sauce that you pour in between two layers of brownie batter. I was expecting a more discernible caramel layer with the brownies; instead, the brownie soaked up the caramel, which made for a fudgy, moist treat with just the right balance of saltiness. Oh, and utterly, utterly decadent.

The recipe calls for a dusting of coarse sugar on top to finish, but instead I drizzled a generous portion of the remaining caramel sauce on top and garnished with a wee bit more salt. YUM.

So, at the party, the brownies were such a hit that a woman actually hugged me. These brownies will get you hugged, y’all. (Your mileage will vary on whether that is a desirable outcome.) I froze the excess for a week or so, then took them back out for a friend’s visit. They were a little chewier, probably because the caramel had firmed up, but I like that. It made them seem even more naughty!

So, in short: these brownies rocked my face off. Then again, I wouldn’t have expected anything less!

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  1. Kristin

     /  December 5, 2010

    No surprise that your friends at the party loved these brownies- they’re perfect!

  2. What a cute post! I wonder if I take these to the marathon this morning if I will get hugs…hmm…:) These were so much fun to make. I love the extra caramel on yours!

  3. Well, I didn’t get hugged at work, but I suppose all the harping about how good they were was “close”! How neat – what a great treat for your party! They look like perfect party food – nicely done!

  4. I loved these, too. I also got the baked-in layer of caramel vs a distinct layer, but still thought they tasted great!

  5. I love that you drizzled the caramel over these-I think these were x rated to begin with and you made them triple x-you got hugs-I’m jealous-leave them under your tree for Santa and I’m betting you could get everything on your wish list !

  6. I’d say a hug is a high compliment, indeed! These look great! I hate that I’m probably missing most of the challeges until the new year. Holiday baking has me swamped. I’m enjoying seeing everyone’s efforts, though.

  7. I want those!

  8. I giggled when I saw you got a hug. that’s awesome. See – food does make everyone happier! Great job … your brownies look gooey and moist – just about perfect (and brilliant to serve them with caramel… absolutely brill!)

  9. These definitely are hug-worthy brownies. I had people tell me they were the best brownies they’d ever had!

  10. I love the idea of serving these brownies with extra caramel drizzled on top, especially since you don’t really get a layer of caramel inside the brownie… Just thinking about having more of that luscious tasty caramel makes my mouth water!

  11. aunt raa

     /  December 10, 2010

    The regular ones were awesome enough – these sound like they’d make my head pop off. Yum! Please note: Trader Joe’s has dark chocolate sea salt caramels for the holidays. Soooo good. The caramel is barely a solid. I’ll get some for our family festivities.

  12. laura the bachelorette

     /  December 18, 2010

    this bachelorette is sooo grateful! i kid you not, those were the best things i put in my mouth that night. And we had my wedding cake there! And Hooters chicken wings!

    you totally rock for making those and sharing them with me 🙂

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