Nutella scones

Hello, and welcome to my inaugural entry into the Baked Sunday Mornings bake-and-blog-along! When I saw that someone had set this up, I was beyond thrilled because a.) I am a huge fan of Baked and 2.) I had just bought Baked Explorations and had already gone through and marked the recipes I wanted to try, some of which overlap with this project. Hooray!

So, the first entry in this saga is Nutella scones, which I had singled out as the first thing I wanted to try. I don’t normally keep Nutella in the house due to the fact that I like to eat it straight from the jar at any given opportunity. Fortunately, I had a tub of it hidden in the pantry as part of my BlogHer Food swag, so I didn’t have to make a special purchase.

The verdict on these scones is that they are pretty rich, with a deep chocolate flavor that comes from the quarter-cup of unsweetened dark cocoa powder (or, if you’re me, an accidental one-third cup! ZOINKS!). There is not much sugar in them, so what sweetness they have comes from the Nutella that is folded into the dough near the end and the glaze on top. I actually found them to taste better and less UNSWEETENED DARK COCOA WOAH after they’d sat overnight (the cookbook says that they have a shelf life of 24 hours, but I made them on Friday afternoon, just had a tiny piece of one now on Sunday morning and they are still yummy). Ironically enough, they taste like “natural” chocolate hazelnut butter, a la Justin’s.

I did find the dough to be a bit … dusty? Broken? It didn’t hold together very well, and when I tried to roll it out on the counter, it was a big mess, so I turned it back into my mixing bowl and added another tablespoonful of heavy cream, which helped pull the dough together. That said, the scones still had some structural integrity issues after baking (note the broken scone on the rack in the picture above; it fell apart as I removed it from the baking sheet).

Oh! I forgot to mention that I pressed the dough into a cake pan a la Smitten Kitchen’s recommendation for ease in cutting.

(You can find the recipe for the scones on the main project page, linked above.)

I don’t know if I’d make these again. If I did, I’d probably use less cocoa (obv) and maybe a touch more sugar. For a creative, nontraditional twist on scones, though, these are pretty ace.

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  1. My dough was a little dry as well. I should’ve tried your cream trick! 🙂 Yours look lovely!

  2. I loved the taste of the dark chocolate in these and the nutella was wonderful. I agree the dough was a little tricky to work with, but worth the effort.

  3. Funny, mine was a combo – they fell apart but were moist (from the Nutella)? Strange creatures these things – but so glad you made them – they look wonderful!

  4. I had to add cream to mine, as well. Twice, because I was worried about adding too much! They look great!

  5. Thanks for the tip about Baked Sunday Mornings. I love the Baked boys cookbooks. As soon as I received Baked Explorations, I made these scones as well. Who can resist Nutella?


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