Scones fail

Yesterday I made my first-ever attempt at making scones, using this recipe. While they were tasty, they were not scones. Rather, they were, according to my husband, “orange-flavored biscuits with a glaze.”

I like my scones with a bit more heft: coarser, more dense, and with that glutinous bite that is so unique to a well-made scone. So, I am on the hunt for a better recipe. My friend Laura suggested this recipe, and I shall definitely give them a whack, as I’ve not had a bad experience with a single Smitten Kitchen recipe to date. C says that America’s Test Kitchen has a good recipe. These look pretty tasty as well, although my mouth feels dry just thinking about a whole-wheat scone.

Oh, and I have been daydreaming about lemon curd of late. I have to work from home tomorrow afternoon because we’re expecting a repairman; I may have to intersperse writing with standing over a pot of tangy-sweet spreadable sunshine.

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