So, of course, the week wherein I need to get some serious work done (in addition to planning and preparing for Laurel’s first birthday party), I fall ill. My symptoms are flu-like, but I don’t think it’s the flu. Because if it were, it would be H1N1, and I am IMPERVIOUS TO PANDEMICS! So, I’m popping ibuprofen and Emergen-C (the latter of which will probably result in some digestive … distress … in the coming days) in hopes of keeping that roadkill feeling at bay until I can crawl out from under the weather.

Goals for today: Finish my introduction revision and send off to Chair 1. After that, I need to write up a small, short (500 words) freelance piece that’s due tomorrow. Sadly, that means I have to do some interview transcribing, which I hate more than life itself.

Goals for the rest of the week: get back to revising my Chapter 4, then next week I need to retrofit Chapter 1 to speak to my revised, more explicit framework, and then on the 30th, I send the introduction and Chapters 1 and 4 to both my chairs and my out of department committee member (she’s my big foodways person, so her role is bigger than that of just a reader).

Phew. Meanwhile, I’m home and trying to make peace with all of the spooky noises that the house makes during the day. *trembles*

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  1. I hope you feel better. Sickness fell apon our house a few weeks ago and hit everyone. Me the hardest. But luckily it didn’t last long. I hope this doesn’t last long for you.


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