Another late start yesterday, as Laurel slept in after a rough wakening at 5am. Continued polishing introduction, adding a quick and dirty historicization of recipes THROUGH THE AGES. But this means that I get to dip a little bit into food blogs, which is fun because I’ve kind of turned into a little Pioneer Woman fangirl of late. Realized in the shower yesterday morning that I owe work to diss group for Monday, so I’ll be doing a lot more quick and dirty work on the intro today in order to send it off to them tonight.

I have found that keeping a notebook and functioning pen with me at all times is extremely useful for those moments when inspiration strikes and I’m away from my laptop. So, if I get a bolt and I’m, say, walking from my office to the gym, I can just whip out my notebook and scribble away. Also, sitting at red lights. An opportunity for improvement in this arena, however, would be to scribble LEGIBLY so that when I come back to those notes, I know what the hell I’m reading.

Very little time to do work on the intro today. I’m in meetings from 2-5pm, have other crap to work on, including the paper I’m presenting in Salt Lake City tomorrow. Too. much. to. do. Have to get up at 4am tomorrow to make a 6:30am flight.

Back to work.

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  1. Jen

     /  October 8, 2009

    If you have the time/inclination to dine out in SLC, I highly recommend The Metropolitan.


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