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I’ve started another blog (in addition to this one). The new blog is intended for me to chronicle/process my rebooted weight-loss efforts, also semi-anonymously. I have made myself very vulnerable by posting my current weight on the site, so if you know me, please try to keep loving me despite the embarrassing truth.


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  1. BetsyD

     /  March 24, 2009

    Dear friend, I don’t have to try to keep loving you–I just do. You are brave and beautiful–and capable of changing.

  2. Send me an inpiring link- since I kicked the Zoloft the stress/nicotine/wii fitness diet isn’t doing the trick as I’m soaring up the scale. I’m also vowing on the eve of my 40th to get back on the blog since we can’t afford a therapist at the moment. We’ll see… I get burned out when it becomes another mouth to feed. Keep me posted.

  3. Montana Mike

     /  March 29, 2009

    You have my unconditional positive vibrations. I’ve lost about 30 or so lbs? ( I never weigh myself–it’s bad luck) over the last year and a half. I measure progress by pants and shirt size only. I call it the tortoise plan–slow and steady–just a pound or two down a month. My trick: I try to consume at least 3 fruits and 3 veggie servings each day. No other restrictions. You’d be surprised at how little appetite remains after downing the “required” healthy items. I’ve found, for me, patience is the key. Good luck! (Even though luck has nothing to do with it.)


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