holy crap, y’all

Dudes, I had a LIFE-THREATENING DISEASE three days ago! And now I’m sitting on my couch doing embroidery and watching Man vs. Food! Life is crazy. CRA-ZAY-ZAY. Matt and I were trying to figure out how much an appendectomy costs today and how much of that we would have to pay. I’m thinking total cost will be about $30K? And we’ll be responsible for about 20% of that? I am pretty sure that I met my deductible for the fiscal year when I birthed Laurel, but I think I’d have to check with my insurance provider about that.

We’ll be able to pay it, but probably at the expense of going to visit Matt’s New England relations this summer. He wanted to go visit his paternal grandmother (age 94 or thereabouts) this summer and let her meet her namesake, but barring an unforeseen financial windfall, I’m not sure that will happen now. We’ll see. I’m just glad we have insurance and stable jobs, because I know that for some people, a sudden illness, surgery, and hospitalization would mean certain financial devastation.

Harrison went to stay with my folks this weekend in order to give Matt a break from extreme solo parenting and to give me/us a bit of space and quiet while I begin my recovery. My stepsister came and picked him up yesterday evening and while he was a tiny bit weepy at first, once he saw his cousin Jonathan, he perked up. While we were out on a very brief dinner-centered excursion this evening, my dad called because Harry had been asking to talk to me. Harry fell to bits the minute he heard my voice over the phone, sobbing that he wanted me to come pick him up, that he wasn’t having any fun (TOTALLY not true, based on all reports), etc. My dad took the phone back from Harry and a few minutes later, the boy was back to playing video games with his cousins. But lord, that minute on the phone with my sobbing preschooler was enough to break my heart into a bunch of weepy pieces.

My baby boy is growing up, even if it is just in little ways, like spending the weekend with his grandparents, sleeping (successfully!) in his underwear because his parents forgot to pack overnight Pull-Ups, or learning to co-exist peacefully with my folks’ obnoxious dogs rather than screaming and running in terror if they look at him sideways. I miss him so much, my little man, and I can’t wait to see him tomorrow, to hold him close to me and to kiss his red, chubby cheeks, to run my fingers through his hair and read any book he wants me to at bedtime. I miss my baby, whom I have barely seen since Wednesday morning. Laurel’s had it good — she’s been attached to my boob pretty much constantly since yesterday evening, and when she’s not nursing, she’s about a foot away from me. Poor Harrison got the shaft and I’ve got to make it up to him, even if it means having to play Play-Doh until I want to gouge my eyes out with a dull green plastic knife.

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  1. Marcee

     /  March 1, 2009

    I was at Toys R Us (for the first time incidentally) last night and saw a Thomas train set and I missed Harry, actually had a pang. I can’t imagine how much you miss him! I’m SO glad you are home and well and mending and out of danger.

  2. Gimpy!

     /  March 2, 2009

    I gotta say, M., that was a long blog entry. But, reading through it all was totally worth it for the last sentence!!!

    I’m glad you’re home!


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