I’m home!!!

It’s 5:15 on Friday and I’m home! i’m sitting on one couch, blogging, while Harrison is sprawled on the other couch watching Ni-Hao Kai-Lan (I canNOT stand this show, simply because Harry watched it a lot in the early days of my pregnancy with Laurel, so I associate the treacly-sweet music with feeling deeply, deeply nauseous). Same as it ever was. My stepsister is en route to pick up Harry and take him down to my folks’ house for the weekend, although neither Matt nor I want him to stay all weekend. I think we’ll miss him too much.

My orders are to rest, rest, rest, not do any heavy lifting, and ease back into eating real food. I’m a nibbler, a grazer, says my goofy doctor. No need to focus on getting THREE SQUARES A DAY! (here he gestured broadly and spoke in a funny voice — McWeirdo?)

I am so, so, SO glad to be out of the hospital. It was restful indeed to be hospitalized, but I missed my husband and my babies. And it’s not fun to see Matt so stressed out. I’m hoping that next weekend, we can get a sitter and go see The Watchmen and just get some time together and relax.

Until then, I’ll be daydreaming about chicken fried steak.

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