Apropos of nothing

My therapist recommended several times that I read The Drama of the Gifted Child. I just heard Sarah Silverman’s interview on Fresh Air, where she said that the original title of the book was to be The Drama of the Narcissistic Child, but that the author knew that her target audience would resist that title. OUCH. Now I feel kind of offended that my therapist recommended it so strongly to me!

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  1. BetsyD

     /  October 20, 2008

    Based on my admittedly long-ago readings of that book, that doesn’t sound right, at all. If anything, it’s the parents who are narcissistic in the book, which the child can’t accept because it needs to hold on to certain illusions about its parents.

    I like Alice Miller’s work a lot, I’ve read several of her books, but I definitely find space to be critical of her theories. I think you’d find her useful, and I wouldn’t be offended. Lots of therapists, including mine, are recommending them to lots of patients, including me.


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