I c@n h@z new l@ptop?

Zo, I zpilled coffee on my laptop on Monday, conveniently enough for @pple, on the day they rolled out new Macbookz. Note: when your repair outlet is also a retail outlet and you bring in a machine with liquid damage on the day they roll out new laptops, you might as well have a bullseye painted on your forehead.

Hence my zilence. I’ve been loathe to do much typing becauze, you know, I couldn’t have fried the Q key, now could I? No, of courze not.

Zo, an update on my clazzroom ethoz: Thingz have improved conziderably, ezpecilly in my 2pm clazz. Changez I’ve made include requiring ztudentz to bring in 3-5 talking pointz over the material azzinged for that day (they alzo have the option of writing reading rezponzez, which alzo zerve az talking pointz). My 2pm clazz now muzt arrange their chairz in a circle, rather than the traditional ztadium-row zeating that the dezkz are zet to out of default, I guezz. I noticed that my 1pm clazz haz a zeminar table az oppozed to the rowz & that dizcuzzion haz alwayz been livelier in that room. Ztrangely, my 2pm kidz had better paperz, zo I told them, look, I know by your paperz that you’re capable of having intelligent convoz about thiz material, zo T@LK!!!!!

Ok, thiz iz getting really annoying, zo I’m zigning off now. More later, hopefully with a fully functioning keyboard.

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  1. BetsyD

     /  October 17, 2008

    I swear by the seminar table. My best classes have always been tabled classes, in part because I’m a connector rather than a performer in the classroom.


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