our weekend so far

Saturday: Disastrous breakfast at MyCity’sName Diner due to the whiny Preschooler who refused to behave. Mama throws hissy fit and ends meal by huffing out to the car alone and nearly in tears. Trip to grocery store with playscape — Daddy and Preschooler play on playscape while Mama browses at nearby Bookstop.

Join friends for Muppet Movie at Local Movie Theatre. Mama has fried pickles for lunch and is happy. Naptime. Even happier. Preschooler and Mama go to crafty gathering, find themselves at newly open cupcakery. Yum. Dinner. Fairly easy bedtime. Daddy and Mama watch Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle; Mama thinks that maybe she should have watched that movie BEFORE adding it to her Asian American Literature and Culture syllabus, predicts major embarrassment at end of semester.

Sunday: Preschooler wakes up at 6:15, flops around in M&D’s bed for an hour before we all give up and get up. Church. I love being a Unitarian Universalist, I really do. It’s times like these that I feel proud to call myself a member of a denomination that’s grounded in thinking critically about religion rather than in blind faith and rote kowtowing to dogma.

Dim sum for lunch. Nothing’s cuter or more charming than when Preschooler crows “siu mai!!!!!” when the dumplings come. Delicious scallion pancakes. Preschooler announces need to poop, Daddy reports back that poop was looseish.

Emergency trip to craft store to replace missing box of stitch markers. Preschooler starts to complain that his tummy doesn’t feel good. Uh-oh. Major uh-oh. Preschooler has VERY smelly accident on the drive home. Sigh.

Attempted naptime. Daddy leaves to run errands. Preschooler has six explosive, runny, foamy poops in a row, says that he’s scared. Mama flips out and starts preparing to go to emergency room. Preschooler suddenly feels much better. Daddy comes home to talk Mama off the ceiling, then leaves again to go get Pedialyte and Diet Coke.

All Mama wants is a damn nap.

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  1. Ah, yes. Welcome to the wonderful world of daycare diarrhea. Fun, no? I hope H feels better! And I hope you got your nap. And I hope you and M don’t get it, too.


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