Children of the scorn

Today I have been reminded that in many ways, grad school is a haven for the snobbish, childish, and oblivious. I have colleagues whom I fear may someday collapse under the unbearable weight of being the smartest person in the room and have somehow developed the sense that their shit does not, indeed, stink. I will confess to having some snobbish leanings, but some of these folks just take the cake.

And then there are those that schedule things like reading groups for 5pm on weekday afternoons. HELLO! Some of us have families that need picking up from preschool, feeding, nurturing, etc. I remember when I was getting my MA and 5pm on a weekday was just another hour spent drinking procrastinating reading studiously and crafting insightful criticism. I remember those days, sure, and I wish I’d spent them more productively. Now all I can think is, wow, it must be nice to have the hours from 5-8 or 9pm all to yourself without having to feed someone else’s craw or wipe someone else’s ass, available to sit around with your colleagues and think deep thoughts about the pastoral. I hate that those deep thoughts don’t extend to maybe picking a meeting time that’s amenable to EVERYONE, not just those who don’t have mouths to feed and asses to wipe.

Wow, I’m grouchy. Too many carbs at lunch, I think. Time for a nap.

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