The housing market

We are in it. Our house went on the market on Thursday, we had an open house today with largely positive feedback (although no offers as of yet). I feel a little sad when I see the For Sale sign in our yard and really wish we had kept our house as lovely as it is now the entire 3.75 years we’ve lived in it. When you get rid of all the clutter and do a fairly deep cleaning, this house rocks.

The house we were bidding on is still available. We rejected their most recent counter-offer, but may make another offer later this week, depending on how well our own house sale goes. We visited it again today during our open house and were reminded that we really like it, but there’s another house a few streets down that has 3 bedrooms, an office, and a mother-in-law room with a full bathroom and tons of closets (hellooooo craft room/office!). It’s about $30K more than the house we’ve already put bids on, but would be sooooo worth it for the extra space.

On Friday we looked at several houses in our neighborhood, including a cavernous one with 2200+ square feet and a hot tub/spa room. It was huuuuge, very antiseptic, and reeeeeeked of stale air freshener. And today, the price dropped from $299K to $285K. Matt’s very keen on this house, but all I can think of is the sickly sweet stench. And the pale-pink Chanel women’s suit hanging in the master closet.

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  1. Our house had an Airwick air freshener in every room when we visited it, and when we moved in. Nothing a fresh coat of paint can’t take care of!

  2. Elise

     /  August 11, 2008

    See, I take the other side. Smell is so important to me — if a house smells “wrong” to me the first time I walk in it, it will never be a house I can buy. We’ve spent a full year already wiping the ugly (floors, stucco/wall finishes, lighting, paint, landscaping) off this house, and there’s another two more to go, I reckon, but it always smelled “right.”

    And a pink Chanel suit. Yikes. I bet it’s nubby.

  3. Montana Mike

     /  August 11, 2008

    I once toured a house with white, yes white, carpeting. The elderly toy poodle who resided there left these perfectly symetrical urine stains of uniform size spaced over every square foot. If you took away the urine stench, you would’ve sworn the carpet was supposed to be white with yellow polka-dots. Quite the fastidious pooch, eh?

  4. I feel your pain, Melanie. Our house is on the market, too and the house hunt was so dreadful. We closed on our new house today but it wasn’t without many stinky, ugly house viewings along the way.

    Good luck!


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