My day in food

The sandwich I ordered for lunch at the coffeeshop was stale, bread was hard, meat was dry around the edges. Ordered a second one, which was EVEN MORE STALE. Major blood sugar crash. Left the place sweating, heart racing, delirious. Ended up at McDonald’s drive-through. Ate a quarter pounder at home. Cat just horked up a hairball that looks not unlike the hamburger I just ate. Sad.

27 week post-checkup update: weight gain has slowed, mercifully. +23 pounds in this pregnancy so far (for a while there, I was logging a 2lb. gain per week and I was TERRI/MORTIFIED). No protein in urine, blood pressure great, haven’t heard anything back about my GD screen so … no news is good news? Or is no news just no news? You can still see my ankles. No problems to report, other than it’s really irritating to get starving hungry every two hours and not have an umbilical cord to instantly deliver delicious food. SUCK IT, FETUS. Enjoy the good life while it lasts!!!

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