The things we talk about

We’re back from Paris, busy as hell and dealing with a very cranky toddler who seems to be combating some sort of tummy bug. Photos to come. But for now, please do enjoy this exchange between me and Matt as we discuss potential plans for the weekend:

Matt: I was looking forward to seeing L. Ron Man: Super-Scientologist, but the movie is not out yet.  Dang!

Me: L. Ron Man would be a good movie, as long as the movie theatre also served pints of the weird Scientologist baby formula on special.

Matt: Maybe we could go see the new movie, The Polk.  It’s about a guy who is exposed to gamma radiation and transforms into U.S. President James K. Polk whenever he drinks iced tea.  I heard it was pretty bad, though.

Me: Is that sweet or unsweet?

Matt: Sweet.  During a key scene in the movie, the pre-Polk says, “Don’t give me sweet tea.  You wouldn’t like it if I had sweet tea.  Hey, this is sweet tea!  Aaaaargh!  Manifest destiny!!!!!”

Me: I just made a very unflattering sound with my nose.

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  1. Photos of the tummy bug?


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