My hollow leg

Well, not mine, but Harry’s. It’s currently half-past noon and in about four hours’ time, Harry has eaten one breakfast taco with egg and bean, part of another scrambled egg, about 2 cups of popcorn, a peanut butter sandwich, about 4 ounces of lemonade, 2 ounces of a banana and soymilk smoothie, and one cat treat. This is more than I ever see him eat on a typical weekend day. I suspect a growth spurt is the culprit, but it’s just really fascinating to see how much he’ll eat.

It’s been a long morning, and I’m really looking forward to naptime. We went to our usual farmer’s market, but I had a hankering for the very delicious (and very expensive) blackberry jam sold by a vendor that has since moved to a different Saturday market. So, after breakfast and a trip to the Habitat Re-store, we went to the downtown market for the jam. That’s a lot of running around for a Saturday morning, and I’m wiped, but will soon be happy to enjoy an apple scone slathered with homemade blackberry jam. YUM.

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