$%!#$!#% Rodents!

I’m hoping a gardening expert can help me out here. I’ve got my first-ever garden thriving in my backyard — so far we’ve harvested 4 plump jalapenos that are destined to be salsa later today. I’ve got 8 heirloom tomato plants and 4 heirloom eggplants.

Until this week, all of my plants were thriving. I had 9 tomatoes ripening on their vines, although none of them ever reddened, and my eggplants are about to go crazy. My problem is that the tomatoes are disappearing. I now only have one tomato, still green, hanging out in the garden. I imagine it will soon be gone.

I suspect that squirrels are the culprit, but I’ve not yet witnessed any critters doing any actual pillaging. We have a scare cat in the bed, but it’s clearly not working to keep critters at bay. How else do I manage these thieves? I’m not going to poison them — I won’t have that on my conscience. Is my best bet to just enclose the whole shebang in chicken wire?

Please help, as my dreams of fresh-picked tomatoes sliced and sprinkled with salt, homemade pasta sauce, caprese salad, and bruschetta are quickly dying!

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  1. When I used to grow tomatoes, it was birds taking everything that ripened, the greedy so-and-sos. I had to cover everything with bird netting, which I found at Lowe’s I think.


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