Holy wow

I know it’s been a while, and this post will be unsatisfactory for those craving a more substantial update, but I’ve got to hustle down to the liberry to return some recalled books (and maybe regulate those damn slackadaisical undergrads for not checking in a book that I returned AGES ago but have yet still received a recall notice for) and then go to a MANDATORY orientation for the English class I’ll be teaching next year. woo!

Anyhoo, just wanted to come on here and say that my good friend S and I saw Made of Honor last night and seriously? I don’t think I’ll be able to look at McDreamy the same way ever, ever again. But at least it was a bonding experience.

Watched Michael Clayton on DVD over the weekend — now THAT’S a good movie. Check it out.

Funny things Harry has said recently:

to Matt: “This is my friend Mommy.”

to a woman in a wheelchair (blessedly out of earshot): “Lady! You need to wear a helmet!”

to Matt at Home Depot: “We need to get some dirt so baby sister* can grow!”

*we don’t know if Baby Boo is a brother or sister yet. Stay tuned.

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