hey, remember me?

Phew. It’s been a looooong, exhausting week, but I’ve put yet another pin in yet another year of That Festival, you know, That One. I didn’t do any night shows this time around because my physical person is dead in the water by 9pm these days, so I just worked on my daily column as usual and was done working by 7 or 8 each night.

Every year I finish the festival with a new band I’m excited about. This year it’s Sea Wolf. Do be sure and check them out.


Watched The Departed again last night and I love it less this time around. Why, you ask? Because of that horrifically heavy-handed and literal scene right at the end of the movie, when the rat scurries across the railing of Matt Damon’s balcony and the shot pauses with the dome of the State house in the background. I’m no film major, but that seems kind of like Film School 101 to me and cheapened the whole movie for me, where I just loved it the first time around.


Got the veggie garden planted today, at the end of a busy Sunday. Harry and I rode the train at the park with some friends, and he and I both crashed in his bedroom when we got home. I picked up some supplies for Peter Cottontail at Target on a solo shopping trip in the afternoon (we’re having a small gathering of pint-size buddies and their parentals over next Sunday afternoon), then got my single jalapeno, 4 tomato and 5 (!!!) eggplant seedlings in the ground. Squirrels ate up my chard during hardening, so I’ve not got a very diverse veggie patch. I want to get more peppers and maybe some beans or peas or something.


Back to school tomorrow. But until then, I’m really enjoying John Adams on HBO.

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  1. Good God that Departed scene was bad.

  2. BetsyD

     /  March 17, 2008

    Does Ph.D. institution spring break always coincide with that festival? I wonder if that’s deliberate…


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