Stuff White People Like

I can’t decide if I like Stuff White People Like. I like some of the things that this person (Christian Lander) says that white people like, and it can sometimes be funny, but sometimes the tone of the blog feels hateful. I know it’s supposed to be sort of Onion-esque satire, but I dunno. Sometimes it feels more mean than funny. But, you know, it’s okay because Christian Lander is a white guy. A white guy who lives in L.A. and has a fairly narrow experience of “whiteness” (I suspect of the hipster-bourgie variety, Mt. Washington, perhaps?).

And, based on what I saw in his wife’s flickr set, I’d like to propose entry #69: Taking pictures of expensive (often “ethnic”) food. And #70: “Ethnic” food. Nothing like a little culinary tourism to underscore your whiteness!

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  1. ben

     /  February 17, 2008

    sounds like christian has watched “The History of White People,” featuring the fabulous Martin Mull, one too many times.

    p.s. the name christian is devilish…every christian is a royal sh!t (ask my wife the elementary school teacher)…sorry to all the militant mommies out there who have given this name to their precious angel.

  2. ben

     /  February 17, 2008

    precious angels…sorry.

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