There I go again

…shooting my mouth off and alienating people. I got up on my high horse about my U’s daycare center on my gradmoms mailing list, bitching about the lunches that they serve there (come on, fish nuggets, king ranch casserole, and tater tots?) and that the menu was a deal-breaker (we were considering sending Harry there once he ages out of his current daycare situation).

Yeah, I might have gotten a little self-righteous. I think I might have said something along the lines of “I simply refuse to make my child a dumping ground for excess commodity crops (in the form of processed food) in the interest of [daycare center’s] bottom line.” It’s true, and I would say it again, because people need to know what’s at stake in participating in the school lunch subsidy system — it truly does have global implications — but apparently, I might have alienated my peers who send their kids to that daycare. Whoops.

But maybe people shouldn’t just roll over and capitulate to a system that doesn’t work on the ground, even though it makes people and institutions money. I don’t think that sacrificing our children’s health in the interest of profits is a good idea in any context, and maybe if people opt out of the school lunch subsidy system, it will eventually elicit change.

And maybe pigs will fly and unicorns will drop rainbow-colored, rose-smelling poop in my backyard.

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