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I’m just here because I want to express my frustration that a 29-year-old graduate of my current university and one of this school’s most beloved quarterbacks, has just been hired on as some sort of offensive coordinator for the football team at a salary of $250K. Six figures for drawing Xes and Os on a board. Meanwhile, my friends who have completed their PhDs and gotten tenure-track jobs (including here) are making approximately $50K. I’m not good at math, but that’s something like five times less than what that jock with a Bachelor’s degree just signed on for.

I’d whine about how I’m in the wrong line of work, but it would be a moot point because a woman will never, ever get a six-figure job as a coach for a university football team. I wonder how much scrilla our women’s basketball coach was pulling by the time she retired. Something tells me it wasn’t anywhere near what this guy is.

So, to express my disdain for UX athletics, I’m going to the XU v. UX men’s basketball game on Saturday night with a gaggle of local XU alumni, and I’m on the hunt for some sort of XU gear here in my town to wear to the game. Not that I give a whit either way, but I feel the need to make a Statement. Via a t-shirt with a buffalo on it. Makes sense, no?

I mean, why fucking bother? No one places any value on what I do, what I’m passionate about. They just want to sit on their fat asses and watch Almighty Football on the boob toob while their arteries harden. I might as well just go back to waitressing.

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  1. While I share your frustration about feeling underpaid and under-appreciated for what I do, as a sports/football fan I have to come to the defense of the newly hired offensive coordinator — it’s more than just Xs and Os, it’s also managing people, and thinking through complex strategies. And, football, if anything, is a form of entertainment, just as movies, music, and books.

    Also, just an FYI, Kim Mulkey, the head basketball coach at Baylor has a 10-year, $10 million contract. She’s the highest paid women’s coach in the Big 12.

  2. “And, football, if anything, is a form of entertainment, just as movies, music, and books.”

    I take your point, but as the mother of a young son, I have deeply ingrained prejudices against football as unnecessarily aggressive and a sport that sets forth and encourages unrealistic and problematic models of masculinity (physical aggression is good, “real” men don’t cry, win at any cost, etc.). At least movies, music, and books can interrogate cultural constructions of gender performance, etc. with humor and irony. Football, in my opinion, is not too far removed from the gladiatorial games in the Colosseum. And that is not a good thing.

  3. Are there figures available on what percentage of football proceeds go back into academics at UX?

  4. BetsyD

     /  January 20, 2008

    Can’t speak for UX, but generally most athletic revenue in any university stays in the athletic department. In fact at many schools the student athletic fees go to support the sports teams; football at all but about ten universities is a huge money suck. The only benefit that the rest of the university gets from athletics is ephemeral: it’s said that schools with better athletic programs will do better in general fundraising and in student recruitment, but there’s little proof of this.

    Also, a student on an athletic scholarship can have that funding taken away if he or she is injured. The whole thing is a terrible racket in which student-athletes are exploited and athletics are supported at the cost of academics and other activities.

  5. BetsyD

     /  January 20, 2008

    And I say this as a huge sports fan, and a feminist who enjoys football even as she despises the institutional sexism of football.

  6. I agree with what Betsy said, and am pretty sure that alumni donations aroused by a winning program are usually earmarked to stay in the Athletic Dept. You remember that huge stadium addition they were building at our master’s institution? Entirely built from alumni donations and TV revenues. This occurred when the university had frozen employee staff hires, let empty faculty positions stay empty, and savaged the library budget.

    If only we could exploit libraries in some kind of a bone-crunching, fast-moving, good-feelin’ kind of spectator sport…

    And BTW, I like the new template, M.


  7. Pat

     /  January 31, 2008

    There is a wall of separation between athletics and academics at U”X” The athletic dept has an exclusive seat with the Regents, who only invites academic faculty in as non-voting advisors, rendering them impotent. This is an endless loop – the school spends millions on athletics so..they can attract better athletes and coaches so…they can sell million dollar viewing and adveristing rights so…they can continue to field top-notch athletes. Educational institution or pro-sports farm? You decide.


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