I forgot to pay it forward — I blame the lack of caffeine.

So, this morning on our way to our Weight Watchers meeting, I drove Molly and Harry and myself through the drive-through at Starbucks. I don’t eat or drink on WW days until after I’ve weighed in, so suffice it to say that the lights were on, but no one was home.

The drive-through at this Starbucks location has a weird setup, in that it spills into traffic once it gets busy. The solution to this is that people wait in the parking lot on the other side of the entrance and pull up when the line moves forward. As I pulled up this morning, I saw the car in front of me pull straight into the drivethrough line despite the fact that there was a single car in the waiting area. I saw the driver of that single car gesturing exasperatedly and felt her pain. No one wants to be butted in front of when queueing, especially when precious, precious caffeine is the commodity in question.

So, I pulled up behind the jerkwad, line-cutting car, rolled down the passenger window, and told the woman in the waiting car that I saw what had happened and that she could pull in front of me when the line moved forward. Well, then imagine my surprise when the attendant at the window gave me my coffee and Harry’s milk box and told me that the car in front of me had paid for my order in thanks for letting her in the line! Wooohooo! I was stunned and thrilled — that totally made my day! Of course, it occurred to me that I should have paid for the car behind me, but with my luck, I’d be paying for some dude’s entire office’s coffee order. Maybe next time I go there, I’ll pay it forward.

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