“don’t want it cart, mama!”

Harry is speaking in full sentences these days (as evidenced in the title of this post, taken from a conflict at the entrance to IKEA), and has picked up on his parents’ linguistic tics. Por ejemplo:

Me (in front seat of car): Harry, whatcha doing?

Harry (in carseat, quietly): Biscuits!

Me: Are you listening to the Biscuit Brothers?

Harry: Yuh.

Both Matt and I use some variation of yup/yes/yeah, and Harry has become an expert mimic, as evidenced in his use of “yuh,” as well as “pretty cool, huh?” and various imperatives and expletives deployed on a day to day basis.

Thanksgiving was good, although it involved a lot of time spent in the car. We visited with my grandparents in East Texas, and stayed in the same hotel as my brother and his family, who were visiting for the first time since my mom’s funeral (March 2004). My bro’s younger child, M, is five months older than Harry and it’s amazing to observe the differences — physical, temperamental, and verbal — among two-year-olds. Harry is shorter than M, and more even-tempered, and they are pretty much on par in language acquisition.
Last night, we drove out to my folks’ place in Canyon Lake to celebrate my stepmom’s and oldest niece’s birthdays a bit early. My stepsister’s middle child is also 2 (about six months older than H), and he is pure id. I have never seen tantrums so fiery and hairtriggered. Harry’s got him beat in the language department, but is also far less physical. Oh, and I see that I’ve already written about this. My bad. You know your blog is in trouble when you’re inadvertently recycling material from a month ago. Oops.

In other news, I’ve become addicted to playing Scrabulous on Facebook. I’ve got a shitload of reading to do in these last two weeks of the semester, in addition to a couple of book reviews (of some none-too-slender tomes) to bang out in these same two weeks. I’m also knitting socks, socks, socks and hoping to get some work done on the dissertation over the break, which should be a breeze, considering Nana’s taking the last two weeks of December off. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

And now, a query. Is Heidegger really that big a deal? Do I HAVE to read Being and Time or can I just crap on about Dasein and pretend I know what I’m talking about? Is it really so important, or can I just go on living a relatively Heidegger-free existence? I welcome existentialist/ontological jokes as well as actual insight.

Oh, and the vegan pumpkin pie from Whole Foods is vomitous.

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