Is it cheating?

Is it cheating to look up English translations of your Spanish homework and answer the homework questions (in Spanish) based on the translation you read? Or is it a “by any means necessary” situation? I feel a bit dishonest doing this, but the alternative is to spend HOURS reading 19th century Cuban slang and trying to translate it myself and still not coming up with anything that makes any sense.

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  1. gimpy

     /  September 18, 2007

    At first I was going to say, ‘yeah, kinda’. But, then I got to the part about “19th century Cuban slang”. Yikes!!! That’s ridiculous. Your prof should be looking ahead through the work and giving you a sheet of translations of these words beforehand. There’s no reason you should be expected to know that or even be able to look it up, particularly if this isn’t some graduate-level Spanish literature class. Perhaps you could suggest this to your professor? If you’re just trying to learn Spanish, this is totally counterproductive at this level (assuming I have the level correct).

    But, having studied a number of languages, I would also say that key to a beginner’s progression is learning how to get by without understanding every single word you read or hear. Focus on the overall gist at first. (My apologies for the likely unnecessary and belittling aside.)


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