Yesterday was a long-ass day. And I’ve got 14 more 12-hour days this semester. I told Matt that I think I finally understand why he’s so tired all the time. He gets up around 6am M-F, goes to work, comes home around 6 or so, then stays up until around 11, sometimes a little later. I do that one day a week — Thursday — and on Friday, I’m totally wasted and useless.

I had a meeting with my dissertation co-chairs this morning, and it was very productive, even though it was only about 20 minutes long. I’ve got my marching orders for the semester — write a two-page abstract by next Friday, then go away and write. My first chapter! It is being bornded as we speak! In fact, I wrote a very short (2 pages) paper on the novel I suppose will be the jumping-off point for my first chapter (which will likely not be Chapter One) yesterday, so the juices are already flowing. I also have a sizable chunk of reading to do and some Spanish homework, but I’m so wiped out from yesterday that I think I’m going to go crawl into bed (with the Burke, for appearances), turn on the final third of the season two, disc one of Weeds I’ve got in the DVD player, and check out for a couple of hours.

Then it’s up to Oakville Grocery, which sells Parisian macaroons! Good Friday, indeed. (Kind of eases the pain of missing out on Anthony Bourdain tickets.)

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